Adult wallet ocarina of time

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July 8, 2019
adult wallet ocarina of time

Adults wallet first appearance ocarina of time (1998) appearances ocarina of time majoras mask found (ocarina of time) house of skulltula (majoras mask) west clock town grateful man use allows link to carry more rupees you got an adult wallet! This is for adults, so it holds a lot of rupees.

For the legend of zelda ocarina of time master quest on the gamecube, a gamefaqs q&a question titled how do you get the ocarina of time adult wallet.

A marioandsonic3339 playing legend of zelda ocarina of time in house of skulltula for adult wallet. Well in kakariko village there is a house full of rich greedy people who.

В  11 the legend of zelda ocarina of time sun song and adults wallet senor lambent. In this part of ocarina of time, i get the sun song and get my.

The adults wallet can be obtained in the house of skulltula after collecting 10 tokens in ocarina of time. The adult wallet can be obtained by depositing at least 200 rupees in the clock town bank in majoras mask.

The adults wallet is the first wallet upgrade to the childs wallet in ocarina of time. It allows link to carry 200 rupees, which is 101 more than he could hold previously. With more space in his wallet, link can now purchase things that he didnt have enough rupees to purchase before.

В  how do you get the adult wallet in ocarina of time? Wiki user november 20, 2010 843pm. First, you have to kill 10 skulltulas and get their gold tokens.

В  adult wallet 10-20 goldskutullas and the giants wallet is 40 of them and the gold things are the spiders that are gold haha but anyway when u get these many numbers yu go to the cursed family.

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